An Introduction to The First Role In A Professional Kitchen

  • You may be looking to get into a kitchen and have goals to become a head chef one day.
  • All the top chefs out there started as a commis chef.
  • I have put together 1o short video presentations to get an idea of the commis role. 

The Commis Chef 

 1.  Explanation Of The Job Role

 2.  How To Make A CV

 3.  What Is The Salary 

 4.  What Level Is A Commis  On The Kitchen Brigade Ladder

 5.  A Pastry Commis Position Explained

 6.  How To Become A Chef With No Experience

 7.  What Does A Commis Chef Do In A Professional Kitchen

 8.  UK Tips And Advice

 9.  The Jobs In A Kitchen Brigade

 10. What Is The Next Position Up On The Ladder

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