Street Food Business Checklist

Do you want to become a chefpreneur

Starting and running a street food business in the UK checklist for the determined street food entrepreneur.

Whilst the street food business is a growing trend and the business is highly competitive, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of success and we start with the 17 step essential checklist.

The Essential Checklist To Get Started In A Street Food Business

  1. Research and decide that the street food business is actually for you. You’re aware that success will take hard work and perseverance and you are passionate about the business.
  2. Draw up a realistic business plan for your business and decide on the budget that you have to spend. Now the passion for the business and the budget has been set you will need to get into the food and the branding of the business.
  3. Come up with the style of food you are going to sell. Make sure you do the research here, know what is in demand and where. Design your brand around what you are offering. This includes the name of your business, deciding if you need a website and your food style.

A key tip here.

Don’t underestimate the power of a website that has been set up correctly. This includes registering on google my business, a blog page, social media set up and ranking for relevant keywords.

Consider this, there are two street food businesses- One business Has no website or a website with no presence. And the second has a keyword targeted website with a youtube channel?

If the businesses are in competition for an outside catering event in London. A customer is searching google for ‘street food London’ and the business with a website comes up on the first page of google. The other business has no presence at all!! For this reason, a website needs to be considered for a street food business success. And continuous growth.

Initial Set Up Steps

  1. Decide on how you are setting your business up and set up the company. 
  2. Register as a food business with your local authority, this needs to be done before you start producing any food to sell.
  3. Get a copy and read safer food for better business–follow the link
  4. Decide on your unit: gazebo, stall, van or truck.
  5. Remember to stick to your branding.
  6. Decide on the events you are going to be applying for
  7. Set up your unit so it is ready to go, make sure you have all equipment needed specific to your street food business.
  8. Test your food, nail the recipes. By testing your food, it will also help to highlight the equipment you will need for your operation.
  9. Start applying for events
  10. Do your risk assessments        –          The Inspections Needed Before Any Trading Is Done
  11. The environmental health inspection
  12. A gas safety inspection and certificate
  13. Pat testing (The inspection of any electrical equipment being used)
  14. These are the main tasks that need to be completed, these can be checked off as they are completed.