How To Start And Run A Street Food Business UK
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How To Start A Street Food Business UK
The Essential Guide:

The street food industry is an exciting industry that is attracting many people with all types of previous experience. This book contains tips and advice on what you need to know to achieve your dream as a street food business UK entrepreneur.

How To Start A Street Food Business UK

This opportunity is for anyone to get their food ideas out there and build a business. A street food business can be started on a part-time basis, maybe at weekends at the local market. To a full-time business, with the owners working all year round at the best festivals all over the country.

Many former pro chefs get into the street food business industry and build successful businesses as chefpreneurs. It’s not only the ex-pro chefs getting into the industry, but enthusiastic cooks all over the country are also selling their homemade products at local markets.

In this 160 pages comprehensive guide, you are taken through the essentials to get started and running your street food business. The book covers the different ways to set up your business including a food truck, gazebo and trailer setup. In this essential guide, you will find a list of the vital contacts within the industry. This includes contact details for UK events, shows and fairs. There is also a list of the festivals with 100000 attendees plus that are available to apply for.

You will also find street food business contact details for:

  • New, used and for hire; trailers, trucks, vans and gazebos
  • Event Directories
  • Specialised vehicle wrapping companies
  • Mobile catering insurance
  • Cash and carry wholesalers
  • Equipment
  • Street food collectives
  • Street food trends
  • UK food festival finder
  • Environmental packaging
  • Van, Truck, Trailer news and regulations
  • Catering equipment auctions
  • LPG cooking appliances
  • Street food competitions
  • Vehicle sign makers and design companies
  • The course that guarantee’s a 5-star food rating               

What You Will Learn In ‘Street Food Business’

To find out if the street food business is right for you. We have a number of important questions that have been answered. This includes the all-important question ‘Is the street food business right for me?’. How much do I need for start-up costs during the first year? And how do I operate safely and legally?

What products should I sell and how do I maximise profits

One of the important questions you will need to answer; what do I sell?  This will depend on your experience and the branding of your business. During your market research, you need to identify the foods that there is a niche for. Within the guide, there is a range of potential ideas and a look into how you can maximise your profits.

The Street Food Business Chapters Include:

This 160-page guide is full of vital information and has been written in 16 chapters. A few of these chapters are:

  • So you want to start a street food business
  • What are the start-up costs and potential profits
  • What type of food business to run
  • Where to trade and presenting your street food business
  • Equipment and food suppliers
  • Useful links and resources


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