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The Commis Chef Interview Training Workbook contains all the information you will need to develop as a chef and pass the chef interview. This guide contains 144 pages of sample interview questions and answers with advice on the chef working interview.

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The Essential Insider’s Guide To Passing The Commis Chef Interview

Hi, my name’s Chris  – Author of ‘The Secret To Pass The Commis Chef Interview’

If you’re serious about building a chef career, then you need to be prepared for the chef interviews.

Learn the secrets to pass the commis chef and chef de partie interviews

Perhaps you have decided on your new career and are going for your first chef interview. Maybe you’re an experienced commis and are looking for the next step into a chef de partie role. Or you’ve just completed a professional cookery course and are unsure what a chef interview will be like.

Wherever you are in the puzzle, read on…

Unlock the door and pass the commis chef and chef de partie interviews

So you’ve a passion for food and cooking and have decided to follow your dream career. Once you have completed your cookery courses you will need to be ready for the next step. The chef interviews. 

A chefs interview will take place in two main steps.  Step 1 – The formal interview and the second step will be the working interview, also known as a Stage.

And there’s never been a better time to join the industry as the hospitality industry is booming

The restaurant and hospitality trade in the UK is booming, and the demand for talented chefs has never been greater. But don’t take my word for it – read what they’re saying in the media…

Chris Flatt’s definitive guide – 144 pages packed full of priceless information. Including actual interview questions and answers used in the chef interviews. And what chefs are looking for in the all important chefs working interview.

All you’ll ever need to know about passing the commis chef and chef de partie interviews brought to you in one easy-to-follow book.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What employers are really looking for
  • The personal qualities needed for a chef career
  • How to create a winning CV
  • How to develop essential personal qualities and attributes
  • What to expect and how to prepare for a chef interview
  • Sample interview questions and answers
  • How to succeed in a chef working interview
  • How to put yourself infront of the right people

and much more…

  The Commis Chef  Interview Workbook

Chapter titles:

  • Organisational skills and how to improve them
  • Communication skills and how to improve them 
  • How to improve your time management skills
  • Teamwork skills and how to improve them
  • Memory skills and how to improve them
  • How to complete an application form and CV ESSENTIALS
  • The chef interview
  • Sample questions and answers
  • The chefs working interview (Stage)
  • How to research the job description
  • The top 10 insider tips and advice

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           Build your dream career by mastering the chef interviews

“Chris shows you how to pass the commis chef and chef de partie interviews and realise your dream and places you on the path to a secure, well-paid and rewarding career…”


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