China Chef The Restaurant

 In London there are many places to eat great food. This maybe simple style or luxury fine dining. Also there are many great Chinese and Asian restaurants to choose from. However, outside London I have never found anywhere as good standard and authentic. Recently I visited Colchester and I came across a fantastic Chinese restaurant and takeaway called china chef.

The main problem I have had with Chinese restaurants and takeaways outside of London is that the food is never very authentic. However, I was impressed with the food I ordered from the Colchester china chef menu.

China Chef Is Fantastic For Traditional Chinese Cuisine

The restaurant is located in Colchester along crouch street. From the outside you can it’s a stunning venue with beautiful décor. The restaurant was full of a range of people including business men and families.

The Front Of House Staff At China Chef

The restaurant came across very friendly and had a great eye for detail. The dining experience was good overall with an a la carte menu to choose from. The food being very tasty and authentic. With the chef boasting how the best ingredients are sourced and produced.

What Is Authentic Chinese Food Similar to China Chefs Menu

Having grown up in a small village out in the fens east Anglia! Our idea of Chinese food was sweet and sour pork and deep-fried prawn crackers. As far as I knew this was chines cuisine at its best. And also, I know many of us have the same experience and knowledge of Chinese food.

Chinese Authentic Cuisine Example Dishes

Dishes that I found at china chef include:

Vegetable Spring Rolls
A selection of vegetables and bean sprouts wrapped in a pastry. And also, these were cooked to perfection and delicious.
Sesame Prawns on Toast
This snack was also made in house and the difference in the flavour is noticeable.
Stir fried Squid With Ginger and Spring Onions
This is a great authentic Chinese dish from china chef.
Hot and Sour Prawns Szechuan Style
This peppery and hot dish is full of flavour, the sourness is good and authentic.
Crispy Duck Pancakes
These are great, I like to roll up the pancakes. The duck is cooked well and shreaded with cucumber and spring onion as a garnish to use in the pancakes. There is also a hoisin sauce to go through the pancakes.
Mange Tout with Chinese Mushrooms
A simple little vegetable side dish,

The china chef restaurant is a great option if you are in the Colchester area. The food is authentic and the service at the restaurant was great. For any chefs out there who are looking to learn Chinese style cooking.

For Commis Chefs Who Are Training
 It maybe a good idea to experience an authentic Chinese kitchen. And this experience can prove valuable in a skill set range when learning to become a chef. Many people enjoy Chinese cuisine and authentic Chinese cooking added to a restaurant menu could prove a great asset.

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