How To Become A Chef In The UK A Career Guide

Become A Chef  Career Guide 

How To Become A Chef Cover

How To Become A Chef Book

Chapters Include

  1. What’s It Like To Work As A Chef
  2. The Different Training Routes Open To Chefs
  3. Training To Become A Chef
  4. Once Qualified, The Different Routes You Can Take For Gaining Experience
  5. How To Build Up Your Cv
  6. Example Work Experience Needed To Progress
  7. Personal Equipment
  8. Setting Up Your Own Business
  9. Marketing Yourself As A Self Employed Chef
  10. Coming To The Uk To Study And Work As A Chef

Do you want to become a professional chef?
This guide will help you to get onto the chef career path. You will be provided with many tips and advice.

Can I become a chef in the UK with no experience?
Yes you can, the guide has a look into the ways of starting a chef career with no experience or formal training.

Can I start a chef career at the age of 30 or over?
Many people out there have started a chef career at this age. The hospitality industry has opportunities for all age groups.

What qualifications do I need to become a chef?
There are no formal qualifications needed to start a chef career. However, formal training will give you a head start and an understanding of the career.

A health and food safety certificate will have to be completed once you have started the job role.

This qualification is mainly a one day training courses with a multiple question exam. This can also be completed with online training.


Become A Chef Career Guide Paperback Book £9.97

How To Become A Chef Cover

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