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An introduction to working in Liverpool and the chef jobs benefits

Liverpool is in the top 10 of most visited cities in the UK. In the north west of England Liverpool is a port city with the locals named scousers. The word scouser comes from the food scouse. Scouse is a stew made with fish and biscuits made famous by the sailors. The city has a great obsession with football with Liverpool FC winning many trophies.

Liverpool has 6 – AA rated 4 star hotels centrally located.

Finding Accommodation And Living In Liverpool

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    A Few Facts About The City Of Liverpool

  • The Victoria monument that stands opposite Castle Street is the spot where in 1235 a castle once stood. Along with a preliminary line of defence the moat.
  • Born in 1809 William Ewart Gladstone was the prime minister for a total of 12 years and chancellor of the exchequer. He was born at 62 Rodney street. Gladstone also has a park named after him close to Willesden Green in north west London.
  • During the great famine in Ireland 1845 and 1849 many people moved to the closest ports in UK – one being Liverpool. Many Scousers have Irish roots believed to be around 75%.

    An Indication To House Prices In Liverpool

  • 1 Bedroom Flat – Central Liverpool Starting at: £450/ Month
  • 1 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £350 / Month
  • 3 Bedroom Flat – Central Liverpool – Starting at: £700/ Month
  • 3 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £ 525/ Month

    Out And About In Liverpool 

Alcohol Prices

  • 1 Pint of Lager / Beer £2.00– £3.00 in a pub or restaurant
  • Mid range bottle of wine at the supermarket – £5.00 – £8.00

    Transportation Around Liverpool Costs

  • One day travel card for bus or train – £5.10
  • Monthly travel card for bus or train – £129.40

    Cost Of A Gym Membership

  • Membership for a monthly gym contract – £14–  £30

The Best AA Rated And Luxury Hotels In Liverpool

Liverpool Hotels Infographic

Top 10 Things To Do In Liverpool As Ranked By Tripadvisor Travellers

There are a whole range of things to do in Liverpool. The city has open bus tours to have a good look around the city. There are several tours dedicated to the most influential musical pop group of all time – The Beatles. However, Liverpool also has other attractions too. With two top premiership football clubs – Liverpool FC and Everton FC, the city has a large football following around the world. 

     The Top 10 List

  1. Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
  2. Williamson’s Tunnels – Friends Williamson’s Tunnels
  3. Goodison Park
  4. Western Approaches Museums – The Battle Of The Atlantic Express
  5. Royal Liver Building 360
  6. Anfield Stadium
  7. Liverpool Central Library
  8. Casbah Coffee Club
  9. Liverpool Cathedral
  10. Walker Art Gallery