Chef Jobs Based In Bristol Hotels

Bristol Clifton Bridge

An introduction to working in Bristol and the chef jobs benefits

Bristol has its own unique offbeat style of character. With an art scene and the artist Banksy leaving many pieces around the city.  Bristol has 4 – 4 Star AA Rated Hotels around the city. These hotels offer opportunities for chefs to start or grow their careers, in a professional working environment.

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Finding Accommodation And Living In Bristol

         A Few Facts About The City Of Bristol

  • Edward Teach was born in Bristol. His birthplace can still be found on the harbourside. Also known as Blackbeard The legendary pirate.
  • 1…2….3……. bungeeee. The Clifton suspension bridge was where the first bungee jump took place. On the 1st April 1979.
  • The west country and yate the birthplace of JK Rowling. Later moving to winterbourne with her new neighbours the ‘potters’.

    An Indication To House Prices In Bristol

    • 1 Bedroom Flat – Central Bristol Starting at: £750/ Month
    • 1 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £500 / Month
    • 3 Bedroom Flat – Central Bristol – Starting at: £1400/ Month
    • 3 Bedroom Flat – Outside Central Starting at: £ 950/ Month

    Out And About In Bristol – Alcohol Prices

    • 1 Pint of Lager / Beer £3.20– £4.00 in a pub or restaurant
    • Mid range bottle of wine at the supermarket – £6.00 – £14.00

    Transportation Around Bristol Costs

    • One day travel card for bus or train – £4.00
    • Monthly travel card for bus or train – £66

    Cost Of A Gym Membership

    • Membership for a monthly gym contract – £20–  £45

The Best AA Rated And Luxury Hotels In Bristol

Hotel Chef Jobs Opportunities Bristol Infographic

Top 10 Things To Do In Bristol As Ranked By Tripadvisor Travellers

With days off when working in Bristol there are a range of things to do. With many bars and restaurants to choose from there are other options too. To follow are  the top 10 things to do in Bristol as ranked by tripadvisor travellers. 

  1. Smoke And Mirrors
  2. Brunel’s SS Great Britain
  3. Clifton Suspension Bridge
  4. Wills Memorial Building
  5. Tobacco Factory Theatres
  6. Oakham Treasures
  7. John Wesley’s Chapel And New Room Museum
  8. Cabot Tower
  9. St Mary Redcliffe Church
  10. Bristol Ferry Boats
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