The Chef De Partie Refresher Chef De Partie Refresher

This chef de partie refresher guide is for any chefs out there who have taken a break from the industry and need a refresher for the options out there and their knowledge.

So you have been a chef de partie and worked your way up to this position with a lot of hard work. You then decide to take a break from the kitchen due to travelling, maternity, college courses or just needed a break. Many chefs decide to do this at some point in their careers and then get back into the kitchen further in their lives

So you have to know decided after a break to get back into a chef de partie role and need a quick guide. It just so happens this chef de partie refresher guide is exactly what you have been looking for!!!
Firstly, unless you are moving a level up in terms of quality of food and are sticking to the standards you have trained in. You will not need to start off as a commis chef again, you are a chef de partie so stick to it.

I have found after having breaks getting back into the role can be daunting. I always feel nervous after taking breaks, although by brushing up on my knowledge and skills. What I had learnt soon came back to me with a little practice. And as soon as the whites are on and in the kitchen its game on!

Here is a link to my chef de partie kitchen positions and responsibilities to refresh your knowledge.

What Is The Best Way Of Getting A Job?

As part of the chef de partie refresher guide, I have added information on how to and the best ways of getting back into the career.

I have found that the best way to get a new position as a chef de partie is by using chef agencies. There are a lot of agencies out there for chefs to use, some are fantastic with good money and contacts in the industry. Others are NOT! The trick is to choose a good agency and know what you are looking for. And it takes all the hassle out of finding good jobs yourself. Nowadays many places use agencies to find quality staff.

Should I Do Relief Or Fulltime Work To Start?

Joining a chef agency will give you a head start when looking for your next job. A relief chef works on a casual basis, however, many agency jobs are similar to working a full-time job at the busy times of the year.

Relief Chef Jobs With An Agency

Pros of Relief Chef Work When Getting Back In The Industry
The biggest advantage of working as a relief chef is that you get a good look around at what is out there. Many agencies cover the big cities with individual agencies usual sticking to one city. There are also agencies that cover the whole of the UK that will provide paid for accommodation and travel expenses.

Consider this: You have taken a relief chef job in a gastro pub in London. However, you do not click with the other chefs and it is a real pain to work there. This does happen, the pros of relief work is that you can call the agency to explain the situation and they will get you into something else more suited to your personality. Once you find a kitchen where you click with the staff, very often a full-time job will be available or when it becomes available you will be on the radar. This way you can have a good look around and not commit to a job that after a month becomes a real pain.


Chef De Partie Refresher

Cons Of Relief Chef Work

It can be quiet at points in the year, generally January, February and November can be quiet. Often there is still work out there, such as breakfast chef cover.

Full-Time-Chef Jobs With An Agency

When looking for your next full-time job joining a good chef agency is advised. The good agencies out there have contacts throughout the industry to find the best-suited jobs for chefs that they are looking for.

The agency does all the hard work for you. They will find the jobs, set up the interviews, although it’s up to you to be prepared for the chef interviews. It’s advised to practice your interview skills before the interview.

If you want to progress your career into a head chef position then taking a fulltime job will be the way to do it. Explain this to the agency that you are looking for promotions and they will find the best places for promotion, generally hotels with good in-house training.

Applying For Work With An Agency

Applying with a chef agency is similar to a job interview. Once you have a good agency that you like the feel of its time to apply. Make sure you are prepared for the interview and practice with role plays and interview questions.

Conclusion – Chef De Partie Refresher

After you have taken a break from the industry getting back into the kitchen can be very daunting. It is advised to refresh your skills and knowledge and practice your interview skills. And is highly recommended to join a good agency that specialises in working with chefs. This way you will not be wasting your time and you will get paid the best rates. Also, don’t just take the first opportunity that comes up if it doesn’t feel right.

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