Catering Business Branding with Social Media

Catering Business Branding Using Social MediaSocial media does one very solid thing for business owners. It lets them reach a very targeted market with ease. According to Entrepreneur, “Social media outlets present a fantastic opportunity for all speciality food business owners to meet and engage with targeted audiences full of thousands of potential customers. If used correctly, participating in social media will help your catering business branding. And you can grow through powerful word-of-mouth campaigns.”

Naturally, your reaction to that might be two-fold. First, you think, “Okay, sign me up!” and then you think, “Okay, just how does it all work?” Fortunately, we are here to give you a few solid tips for branding your catering business with social media. Also, social media can be done yourself and be saving money on the costs in your business.

Answer These Catering Business Branding Questions

Do you know your target audience? As someone considering a career as a baker, you have it a bit tough. After all, who eats cake? Um…everyone! Cookies, bread…the list of things you might be planning to sell will have one of the widest reaching audiences. This is why you’ll need to really define yourself. Wedding cakes? Cupcakes? Organic cakes? Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free baked goods? Take time to define your audience based on your intended products.

Once you can start to form a clearer mental image of your “average” buyer or customer, you need only start “hanging out” with them on social media. Once you find them online, you need to use the built-in tools on websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube to further find your target audience members.

Catering Business Branding Using Social Media

Telling Your Catering Business Story 

With that, you probably find yourself scratching your head. What story? Where did that come from? Well, in essence, your brand is your story, and if you haven’t developed it yet, you won’t have anything to market. As a simple example of a speciality food business with a good “story”, think of the Paul Newman brand. It started with salad dressing, moved on to spaghetti sauce and is now almost everywhere with coffee, pet food, and more. However, the story of the brand is that it is quality, high quality, charitable and built around family recipes.

Once you have your clearly defined target audience and your story, you can then use some simple social media tactics to draw attention to your brand. For example, is there any sort of hashtag strategy that you can use? Maybe you can come up with a fun and witty “food holiday” based on your products. For instance, instead of TBT meaning Throw Back Thursday, turn the abbreviation into something relating to your brand, products or a special flavour of cupcake.

Branding Your Catering Business Using Social Media Platforms

Another way to brand your food business via social media is to take that story and use it to create truly dynamic content. If you speak with a modern marketing professional, they are going to tell you that “content is king”. What that means is that you need to produce a steady supply of interesting information about your food niche and post it to a blog, social media and even on other sites. Why? This ensures that you come up in some of the top search engine results when someone in your area “Googles” for your goods.

As a simple illustration of this, you might create a blog about the hottest cupcake flavours for spring, gently mentioning that you’ll be offering one of them (at the end of the blog) and then create gorgeous photos to go with it. Post this to your blog, alert your followers on social media about it, turn it into a YouTube video and share it and be sure you delve deep into any food photo groups on Pinterest or other communities.

This builds your brand as it creates a broader audience, and soon you’ll be in a basic rhythm of producing content, building your brand and enjoying success.

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