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In this category we will look at a range of kitchen equipment that I like to work with. With home cooking a little imagination can go a long way. For example, you may not have a specific piece of equipment and need to improvise.

A Selection Of Equipment I Have Used In These Recipes

Green Chopping Boards

Colour Coded Chopping Boards System In professional kitchens, chefs will mainly be using plastic colour coded chopping boards. Although there are other materials a chopping board can be made from including wooden chopping boards. Wooden chopping boards are more common in the home kitchen used by the home chef. Want To Skip Ahead? The 6 …

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Kitchen Tools And Equipment

Kitchen Tools And Commercial Restaurant Equipment Kitchen Tools And Equipment Professional Chefs A description of kitchen tools and equipment used by chefs in professional kitchens. Having worked in many different styles of professional kitchens during my chef’s career. Want To Skip Ahead? The Food Processor Mandoline Slicer The Vegetable Prep Slicer The Sous Vide Machine Slow …

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Chef Knife And Chopping Block

Professional Chef Knives  Professional chef knives are the most important tool for any chef. The kitchen knives a professional chef uses will need to be kept in good condition and it is essential to keep them sharp at all times. A chef knife set will be made up of a selection of knives so that …

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The Digital Temperature Probe For Exact Cooking The digital temperature probe is an essential tool for the exact cooking of foods. Advance your Cooking skills by precisely cooking meats. These give an easy to read precise temperature taking the temperature similar to a traditional meat thermometer. Component The Digital Temperature Probe Video Of The Digital …

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The Piping Bag And Piping With Vegetable Purees How to prepare a piping bag ready to use for the piping of vegetable purees onto a plate. Filling the bag and a holding technique.  Items I Have Used Disposable Piping Bags Vegetable Purees                 Video Of – How To …

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Non Stick Frying Pan The non-stick frying pan is an essential piece of cooking equipment. These pans are great for a range of cooking. [Omelettes][Fish] Tne Equipment Non-Stick Frying Pan         The Non Stick Frying Pan

Measuring Jug 500ml The 500 ml plastic measuring jug used for the measuing of liquids. A good quality measuring jug is an essential for many recipes. Equipment 500 Ml Measuring Jug     Video Of – The 500ml Measuring Jug  

Wooden Chopping Board The wooden chopping board is a great piece of cooking equipment. The chopping board is good for using at home and chopping of ingredients. Equipment The Wooden Chopping Board               Video Guide – The Wooden Chopping Board  

Common Hand Whisk Used For Cooking The hand whisk is an essential piece of equipment for many jobs when cooking. Jobs that include: Scrambled eggs or whipped cream. Equipment The Hand Whisk       Video Of – The Hand Whisk

Hand Blender For Cooking The hand blender is a great tool to use in cooking. It has many uses including: blending soups, making purees, and finishing sauces. Equipment The Hand Blender       Video Of The – Hand Blender Or Stick Blender

Kitchen Equipment For Making Soups Video – Kitchen Equipment For Making Soups