Category Chunky Soups

A Range Of Chunky Soups To Prepare And Cook

In this category I will be preparing and cooking a range of chunky soups. These soups have various pieces of ingredients left bitty in the soup. Chunky soups are great as a quick and easy tasty dish.

The Video Recipes For Chunky Soups

Simple Sweetcorn Soup

Cooking My Sweetcorn Soup Sweetcorn is fantastic to use as a quick and simple soup. I have used a fresh corn on the cob and 1 tin of sweetcorn. The tinned sweetcorn has its own tasty juice that can be…

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Vegetable and lentil Soup

Chunky Vegetable and Green lentil Soup This vegetable soup has a small handful of green lentils added. The lentils add more body to the soup and an extra flavour.  Ingredients Spanish Onion x 1  Leek x ¼  Celery x 1…

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Butternut Squash And Bacon Soup

Butternut Squash And Bacon Soup My butternut squash soup has 3 main ingredients to make. I have topped this soup with toasted pumpkin seeds and pieces of crispy bacon. Ingredients Spanish Onion x 1 Garlic Cloves x 2 Buttermut Squash…

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