How To Become A Pastry Chef | Essential Pastry Chef Training

How To Become A Pastry Chef

In this category, we focus on the desserts chef. In every kitchen brigade out there a pastry chef will be creating their magic. Mainly these chefs have had formal training at a college either as a specific subject or as part of a training course. 

Within this career, there are opportunities to be promoted in a company. This will depend on the size of the pastry team. In the larger brigades, the team will start with a commis chef rising up to an executive head chef position. With pastry skills being very popular and fashionable today. It makes a great opportunity for skilled pastry chefs to become chefpreneurs. 

There are many successful businesses out there once the dessert section has been mastered. Businesses include; cupcakes, wedding cake specialists and the popular bakery.

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