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A Selection Of Tasty Breakfast Ideas


In this category I have made a selection of breakfast ideas. The breakfast has a broad range of dishes that are cooked. This includes a simple bowl of cornflakes with vegetable juice.

The larger cooked option being a full English breakfast with everything.

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The Traditional Full English Breakfast The traditional english breakfast is a popular choice in many places for breakfast.  This style of breakfast can be found on most hotel menus and many restaurants and pubs serving an all day version.   The english breakfast in this video is cooked with two fried eggs and a black …

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Oatmeal Porridge With Californian  Raisins This is a quick porridge recipe for  a healthy breakfast. The porridge has added Californian raisins. These juicy raisins go really well as an extra added ingredient into the porridge. Video Recipe – For A Porridge With Californian Raisins

Oatmeal Porridge With Walnuts And Sorbet Raisins Video – Oatmeal Porridge With Walnuts And Sorbet Raisins

Oatmeal Porridge With Water Video Recipe – Oatmeal Porridge With Water

Runny Poached Eggs In A Few Minutes How to cook two runny yolked poached eggs in boiling water. Poaching eggs is a great way to cook eggs for a meal or a light snack.  Components To Poaching eggs 2 Quality Eggs Boiling Water Little White Wine Vinegar     Video Recipe How To Cook 2 …

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Scrambled Eggs With A Little Cream Scrambled eggs are great for breakfast or as a snack. This egg dish can be made very simply with a little cream or with an added extra such as smoked salmon. This scrambled egg recipe i have used a very hot non-stick pan. 3 eggs and a little cream.  …

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