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Publishing Your Own Book

Do you need help in starting or improving on your book publishing work being done? This could be the layouts, covers, kindle conversions, e-book files, where to sell the book to maximise profits.

Even down to the maximum amount of pages, size and weight of a book for the best-priced postage charges. 

The key here is to understand each step of the process and for the best possible results.

From the spacing to use between the lines when writing the manuscript to generate a barcode for free with your own Isbn numbers. And the benefits of using your own Isbn instead of an amazon generated one.

Tools For Writing Your Book

A computer / Laptop or desktop / I Use A Mac Book Pro

Software / Microsoft Word

The Book Publishing Formats

  • Physical books
  • Electronic Books 
  • Audio Books

This can be a recipe book, a profile book as a business card or a guide book. 

Book Publishing On Amazon For-Profits

Amazon is a great place to sell a book from. 

But I Have Really Bad Spelling And Terrible Grammar!

Don’t worry, there are ways around this using specific steps and the latest tools out there.

Publishing A Book Under A Pseudonym (Not Your Own Name)

This is a great idea if you want to remain unknown as an author. Create a character author by using a pseudonym. 

Self Publishing Your First Book

  • A stepping stone to being noticed by a major publisher
  • The ultimate business card
  • Can be sold physically or in digital format
  • Using the worlds leading online stores for sales and social proof

And How Much Does It Cost? 

Once your book has been completed the e-book will be free to reproduce forever. The price really depends on the quality of work to be done.

For example, a basic cover and jacket can be self-made using software out there for free. A professional style will cost from around £300+