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The How To Do It All Checklist Below

The Self Managed Publishing System

“Our publishing aims to assist amateur and professional cooks get their work in book form. We have been trained by a leading UK independent publishing company in all aspects of self publishing starting the training in 2015. With our own guides published on amazon in paperback and kindle form. We also have knowledge in maximising profits through selling books through a self managed publishing system.” 

A Checklist For The Steps Needed To Self Publish Your Book

Steps – To Self-Book Publishing

1. Idea – Recipe Image Book | Biography Style book for example
2. Written on Microsoft word | font size 12 | Spacing 1.5 | font of your choice
3. Images taken | own images | Stock photos – must use correct licence here |
4. The manuscript will need to be proofread. (Prices vary on skills of the proof reader )
5. The manuscript will need to be typeset. (Prices vary on quality of typesetter)
6. ISBN numbers purchased and set up
7. Book cover and jacket designed and in correct format for the printer
8. Choice of a printing company needs to be set
9. Choice of paper quality, cover quality needs to be set
10. The book jacket needs to be finished with barcode added| correct trim sizes
11. Once the book is ready it can be converted for electronic version including kindle
12. Amazon accounts set up | Distributor chosen and set up |
13. Marketing on social media, pr company considered
14. Sales page on a website set up with payment systems and shopping carts
15. Putting in the book orders with printing company and receiving copies
16. Taking orders from amazon | own website and delivering books

Personally I spend around £1000 per paperback guide book to complete with 100 paperback copies delivered.

Tips and advice for book writing and printing

• Prices vary greatly on the quality used in each step.

• For example, proofreading: this can be done yourself for free | or you could pay £1000’s for the best.

• Paperback | Hardback will vary on price for printing and postage.

• Another consideration can be the size and weight of the book. As a large letter size book and a small parcel size book will have a massive difference on delivery price.

• Electronic versions can be delivered for a minimal price

• And it can be as simple as removing a few pages from a book manuscript to stick to a large letter size.

• Keeping the postage and printing costs down will help on the profits of each book.

When developing a paperback / hardback book its critical to understand the pricing of the printing and postage. This can determine a profit on each unit sold.

Advantages Of Independent Cookery Book Self Publishing

Some Of The Benefits Of Self Publishing 

I have my books on my own website on amazon and a range of other suppliers in the UK including: Waterstones and Amazon.  My publishing company B.A.Chef UK focuses on cookery books and has an account with one of the leading book distributors in the UK. 

Some Of The Benefits Of Self Publishing Your Own Book

  • A stepping stone to being noticed by a major publisher
  • A career tool to show your work to future employers
  • Self managing your recipe book publishing and printing to maximise profits
  • Using your natural social media following linked to your own shopping cart 
  • Can be sold physically or in digital format
  • Using the worlds leading online stores for sales and social proof
  • Creating a hot customer database from books sold for further offers or up-sells.

A Breakdown Of The 3 Step Self Managed Publishing System [Book Publishing For Cooks]

  1. The Product [Your Book] – Physical and Digital Product
  2. Your Selling Point [Own Website | Amazon Store]
  3. Setting up a youtube channel for video tutorials

Where To Sell Your Self Published Recipe Book From

Getting Started With Your Own Website

Websites are a great option for selling products from. There are various sales platforms out there to sell from. A website can be customised and has a vast range of possibilities that can be done for development.

For example, a blog can be added and they also make a great hub for other social channels. A great advantage of this is the option to collect customers details. By doing so a customer database can be built for further sales.

Online Stores Including Amazon

There are a range of online stores out there, however leading the way is Amazon. Books can be added in paperback, kindle and audio. This can be set up using a few different programs that offer a range possibilities.

Amazon has a huge reach and systems in place to sell books including paid advertising options. Be aware of the commission for selling on the platform and what the best way to use this option is for your business.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each program available, these are updated on a regular basis.

Why Is Youtube A Great Channel To Promote A Book From

Youtube is one of the worlds biggest search engines and growing. With google being the most popular search engine in the world who also owns Youtube. Setting up a youtube channel can be completed following a few key steps. Once a channel has been set up then uploading videos can be done.

For recipe book promotion, a recipe could be taken from the book and filming the preparation and cooking process can be done. The full length video could be added or broken down into bite size pieces.

There are key areas to focus on in order to maximise exposure of the videos you have for free.

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