‘No previous experience required…!’ 

Hello, my name is Chris and I started working as a chef in professional kitchens in Cambridge back in the Christmas of 1996. Then in 2014, having worked around the country and moving my way around the kitchen positions I realised that being a professional chef was great, however, I needed to add extra in-demand skills to my skill set.

I decided an internet marketing route was the way forward. (Having never used a computer or have any skills at all in this area).  But I needed the challenge to focus on other than coming up with superb dishes every day!

Having been to many free seminars in London and needing to make a choice as to what direction to take I stumbled across Simon Coulson and the Internet Business School. I attended the free one day workshop in January 2015 and chose to further my learning with the internet business school.

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I completed the 3-day diploma in 2015 and have been putting everything I learnt into practice since. 

Having noticed many restaurants, pubs going into closure having never even touched their digital marketing was eye-opening for me. Bad websites, facebook pages and many websites with an under construction page, not mobile friendly and the digital marketing being left as an afterthought or very badly attempted with no good training being taken.

The big corporate companies have departments for this the smaller guys don’t. I believe it is essential for all restaurants, pubs, bars private chefs to have access to training from an ethical leading digital marketing training company in the UK.

I have had zero experience in computers or the internet and when I first started I still had one of those old-style flip phones, I was a complete novice. And have made many mistakes and have learnt a lot of skills.

Some of My Work to Date 

Accredited Diploma In Internet Marketing

An online exam is offered and once passed a certificate will be sent to your home.

The 3-day diploma is a full-on, in-depth training course. All the essential areas of digital marketing are covered. There is a lot of information given and is hard to take in after 3 days.

The Internet Business School has the course filmed and on digital, all students of the 3-day diploma have their own login to the videos with lifetime updates. The course is updated regularly to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing strategies.

Chris Flatt Marketing Certificate
Chris Flatt Marketing Certificate

The Street Food Business Guide

I wrote and published ‘The Street Food Business Guide’ in 2016. Having completed the book writing course I learnt the system behind writing and publishing books. This includes – researching a subject that will sell, outsourcing: proofreading, typesetting, book cover design, Kindle conversion and the printing of the books in paperback.

Street Food Business Book