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Hi, my name is Christopher and I have been immersed in hospitality since 1996.

Ideas To Grow Your Profile

High Mountain Climb

Get Your Hard Worked Skills Published Most people know that being a good cook, and being a chef, are two different things. But being a chef, and being a superstar chef, are just as different from each other. There are certain…

The Chef Career Path

Chef Having Fun In Career

Why Should I Consider The Chef Career? Interested in a rewarding career that offers the potential to earn a great living, but flexibility and a lot of personal rewards? If that sounds familiar, then becoming a professional chef may be…

Beginners Baking Guide

Cake Baking Carrot Cake And Icing

Getting Started With Ingredients And Tools How to ‘make and bake a cake’ – If cooking is like an art, then baking is most definitely a science. In order to bake a perfect cake from scratch, you do have to…