Top 10 Hacks To Get From A Commis
Chef To Chef De Partie Fast commis Chef To Chef De Partie

One question many commis chefs ask themselves is this: how long is it going to take to get from a commis chef to chef de partie. This all depends on the skill level, patience and determination the chef has. It will not be a quick process to achieve a chef de partie position. However, there are some hacks to help you get noticed as a potential promotion opportunity. These are my top 10 hacks to get yourself into the chef de partie role faster.

Work Harder Than The Other Commis Chefs

Many commis chefs will not be thinking about getting into their first chef de partie role. They will be a  little nervous and overwhelmed by the whole kitchen system. You can get a good idea of who the best commis chefs are and just work harder than them. Work later, do extra days when asked if you go out the night before and have a hangover in the morning. You need to turn up for work and push through it. By not turning up to work with a hangover and you have been out with the guys the night before your career will stall.

Have A Career Plan

Have a plan already set and written down. Keep this where you can see it every day. Work out the steps you need to take to go from a commis chef to chef de partie. Do you need extra training in certain areas? Ask for it from other chefs. Your goals will be a lot more achievable if written down and if you find yourself stalling then maybe its time to get into another higher level kitchen.

commis Chef To Chef De Partie

Work At The Highest Level You Possibly Can

Get yourself into the highest level of kitchen possible. This is going to take patience and contacting the right people. However, a commis chef who has worked at a high level of cooking is going to go from commis chef to chef de partie when dropping down a level much faster. This is possibly my number 1 hack. For Example: To get a chef de partie job in a 1 rosette restaurant, get a job in a 3 rosette restaurant for a year as a commis chef and apply for a CDP job at a 1 rosette restaurant. This is by far the quickest way to get into a chef de partie role.

Applying For Chef De Partie Jobs

When applying for the chef de partie role make sure all application forms are filled out correctly. Apply for the job as soon as you feel ready, your current employer may say you are not ready. However by applying for a chef de partie role at another kitchen may be successful. There are always opportunities for chef de parties.

The Commis Chef To Chef De Partie Chef Interview

Practice your interview skills with role plays and sample interview questions and answers. Other commis chefs will not even be thinking on this level. So practice the interview in front of the mirror or with a friend or family member asking the questions.

Don’t Fall For The Stupid Games That Chefs Play!!

Some traps not to fall into. If a chef asks you to do any of these do not do them!!

  1. Chop flour.
  2. Count the floor tiles
  3. Keep your oven cloth handy and always share when busy
  4. Do not leave your apron unattended, some chefs will put flour in your apron! When you pick it up to put it back on.. you will get covered in flour.
  5. Always help out when asked, but use a little common sense. If something seems wrong to ask about it.

A commis Chef Chopping Flour

If you do find yourself in the position of being asked to chop flour. Ask the sous chef or head chef to show you how they want it done correctly. Then film them doing it!!!!

The Appearance Of A Commis Chef

Make sure you look smart when going from a commis chef to chef de partie. The other chefs may look a little scruffy sometimes. However, they may have just worked 3 weeks straight are under a lot of pressure. Do not copy them. Make sure your apron is tied correctly, your hat is neat and tidy and your shoes are suitable for the environment.

The Kitchen Shoes

Get a pair of Birkenstock clog style shoes. These are the shoes that get chefs noticed as chefs! Not my personal favourites anymore, however for some reason these shoes identify a quality chef to most experienced chefs.

Build Good Relationships With The Front Of House Staff

Be ‘nice’ to the front of house staff, be calm and have patience with them. This will get noticed and it will help you with the bigger picture. You need to get the other members of staff on your side from the very start. This doesn’t mean going over the top just be nice. Sometimes a little firm if needed. Do not copy any chefs who are shouting and screaming at the front of house staff. It’s not good and doesn’t help in the long run.

Be Interested In The Other Chefs And Staff

It always a good idea to turn up for staff events, such as annual parties. These social meetings are great to get into the team as a member. Although, try not to get way too drunk and make yourself look stupid. Its good to unwind a relax with co-workers, just don’t get too wasted, get into fights chase the girls who you are convinced love you as you have had too many sambuca. Keep it professional but relaxed.


There are many areas you will need to master to go from a commis chef to chef de partie and it will take patience and hard work. These hacks will help, these are ways you can get ahead of your coworkers and be up for promotion first. The kitchen brigade can be a very competitive place to work in. Do all you can to stay ahead of the chefs at your level and you will get noticed for a promotion first.

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